It roulette - ' only winning roulette system conceptual analysis in Westerburg.

1. in the beginning was the word...

who said: don't be afraid, if you enter a casino, because I tell you: 'just win' will determine your future. The name of the Prophet, who proclaimed these words, stood up to some systems of roulette and books to read and was called Gottschalk alias Thomas Westerburg. But there was a murmur among the people, and they doubted the prophecy because even the Prophet had already announced: nothing! To fill the mouth these amateurs have made the arduous journey with his disciples, in Baden-Baden, the Prophet and dared to challenge the Casino (one of the attendants took to try without fear of attending this event of the century, for unforgettable posterity faithful to dare the car name despite the legacy to defy the Casino-). The shareholders of Casino afraid to teach and convince the crowd surprised with a profit of million dinars, the duration of a full moon cycle, was elected at the next full moon, to complete the work. But among the companions was an ignoramus who great mischief and its false predictions by his actions endangered the whole of the work. After that he was sent to purification in the desert, obtained better results, that, but for the time only served to mitigate the loss. But now the miracle of all miracles happened: desired people have losses did and do believe more than the facts. He said the delegation in Baden-Baden to martyrs, with which Satan led a game ill not earned, unpredictable. But get an image on the likely outcome of the tradition.

2 make a superb child

The ingredients for the system are already known, other roulette systems: registration of a simple chance on three main blocks with distribution on three rows of reproduction and a Rapporteur main bulk; but the mix is new and promising. This is why we will install a form that consists of three blocks, a rapporteur for each block and three rows bulk copied. Now, all to better explain and understand, we look first at the booking form.

Roulette analysis system NNG, Figure 1. The correct booking at the Casino.

We play only on a couple of random: black red. Of course, you could also play odd pair or lack of yoke. The decision rests with the user of the method, I'll explain all about the luck black red pair, who chooses a pair of chance, so analog different procedure. Once, book us permanent numbers of: 3,32,36,8,21,35,10,25,24,17,35,24,36,22,28,36,25,25,2,9,13,23,23,22,14,33,26,34,5,13,20,3, 31,14,2,31. The unusual number is saved in the original series, in the 3 rows of copy of a writing a red in the empty field, a number of black in the area copies marked with n real display form should look like the following:

NNG, graph 2, analysis of the system of roulette

Since this system and in my opinion much knowledge and experience of the user, it is not suitable for beginners. I'll spare you to explain to me how much permanent is red or black and presupposes that the update in the previous example with the clever in this matter is understood and understandable. Before I explain all signals, entered the rapporteur, etc., here have some critical remarks on the system. If Westerburg claims succeeded the transmission of the Act of 2/3 on the simple chances by forming the permanence, I think that purely and simply this evil. The existence of the Act of 2/3 on the phenomena in the game of roulette, I make the following statement: I believe in the validity of the Act of 2/3 on the individual symptoms of roulette, but it affects my course only great opinion of permanence and can prove that in thousands of shots of State, its validity, but a rotation to apply these laws and to prove a system, or to reevaluate, humbug is in my eyes.

Each rigid system, any figures or other fixed rate can bring long term without success because evens out in the long term of any rigid rule. As a result at least zero loss of 1.35 per cent for the simple chances, when all other possibilities 2.70% more can be the usual Troncabgaben.